Hand dyed and Ecoprinted Artisanal Clothing and Accessories in Silk, Wool and Leather.

Ecoprinted waterfall vest

About The Silk Thread and Theresa:


The Silk Thread is the studio name of artist and designer, M Theresa Brown.

I am a long time professional portrait artist,  painter and fiber artist whose career embraces many areas of the Arts. I attended East Carolina University, majoring in Commercial Art and Printmaking.  Years of painting, printmaking and color work led me to explore the fiber arts. Using many similar skills and accumulated knowledge, I evolved as a hand painter and ecoprinter on leather and fabric. I use natural dyes and low impact synthetic dyes and merge them into unique, beautiful designs on silk, wool and leather. I transform the finished fabric into artisanal clothing, accessories and art. I have taught workshops at many Fiber Shows and art centers around the country as well as at my own studio.  I am also a certified practitioner of the art of forest relaxation known as “Shinrin Yoku” (which translates to “Forest Bathing.” ) and strive to create art that is touched by the influence of Nature.  I am proud of creating everything, by hand, that comes from the studio of The Silk Thread. My fiber work has been featured in international publications such as “No Serial Number” and “Belle Armoire”.

On the Painting side, I am delighted that my award winning portraits are hanging in homes and businesses worldwide. I’ve illustrated books for major publishing companies, written audio ebooks  and  “How To” painting DVD’s for the nationwide art supply store, Jerrysartarama.com. I am a motivational speaker for art groups interested in the working artist. Many of my articles appear in Ezine Magazines as well as Art Blogs. My artist husband, Stephen Filarsky and I teach painting workshops in our studio and venues around the country for art groups.  Several times a week you can find me teaching painting at both the main and satellite campuses of Vance Granville Community College.  We travel and participate in shows across the US.  When not out on the road, we’re at our rural NC mini farm along with 2 alpacas, chickens and family dogs. The life of the working artist is hectic, fulfilling and rewarding and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

More about my clothing line and accessories

All of my clothing and accessories are made ethically in our rural NC Studio to be sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Everything is created, by hand, in the studio.

Decriptions of Techniques:

Ecoprinting : the collecting of Nature’s plants, leaves and flowers and through a natural steaming process, imprinting them onto the fabric to create colors, designs and faux textures. Natural pieces are the actual colors released by the tannin in the plant on that day.  Those Colors vary with the plant, time of day, moon cycles, weather patterns and seasons of the year. I am one of only a very few in the United States who ecoprints on leather.

Hand Dyed: I use natural, organic dyes from plants and trees  or low impact  synthetic dyes. The dyes may be used alone or in combination with Ecoprinted pieces.

Hand Painted: All  hand painted designs are hand drawn by me without the use of computers or templates. I may  use them in combination with  Hand dyed and/or Ecoprinted clothing and accessories.

Pieces are ready-made or Made-To-Order.

Handcrafted Ecoprinted Silk Vest
Handcrafted, Hand dyed Silk Ruanas
Handcrafted Ecoprinted Silk Jacket
Leather vest with ecoprinted lapels.
Handcrafted Two Toned Ecoprinted Silk Ruana
Ecoprinted leather clutch bags and purses

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