Hand dyed and Ecoprinted Artisanal Clothing and Accessories

Ecoprinted waterfall vest

About The Silk Thread:

The Silk Thread is the label and studio name of artist and designer, M Theresa Brown. She is a long time professional portrait artist whose career continues to evolve and embrace many areas of the Arts. Her years of printmaking and color work led her to explore the fiber arts. Using similar skills and her  accumulated knowledge, she has evolved as a hand painter, dyer and ecoprinter on natural fibers. She uses both low emersion synthetic and natural dyes and merges them into unique, sophisticated designs on silk and wool. She then transforms the hand dyed or ecoprinted fabric into artisanal clothing, accessories and art.  Everything is made by hand in her rural studio outside Franklinton, North Carolina.

More about our clothing and accessories

All of our clothing and accessories are made ethically in our rural NC Studio to be sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Ecoprinting : the collecting of Nature’s plants, leaves and flowers and through a natural steaming process, imprinting them onto the fabric to create colors, designs and textures. Natural pieces are the actual colors released by the tannins in the plant on that day.  Those Colors vary with the plant, time of day, moon cycles, weather patterns and seasons of the year.

Hand Dyed: Natural, organic dyes  or low impact  synthetic dyes. The dyes may be used alone or in combination with Ecoprinted pieces.

Hand Painted: All  hand painted designs are hand drawn by the artist without use of computers or templates. May be used in combination with  Hand dyed and/or ecoprinted clothing and accessories.

Pieces are ready made or Made-To-Order.

Handcrafted Ecoprinted Silk Vest
Handcrafted, Hand dyed Silk Ruanas
Handcrafted Ecoprinted Silk Jacket

Handcrafted Two Toned Ecoprinted Silk Ruana

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