Creating a “Cabin in the Woods” art studio

Sm studio renovationsWow-somehow I fell seriously behind in this blog and am frantically updating it-luckily my Store stays current and up to date. SO enjoy at least one updated post, the next one is coming!

If you’ve been following my “Small Studio Cabin” odyssey then below is an update from my “artsyJourneys” blog which is the same post but here 🙂

Making my “Cabin in the Woods” happen!
In less than 3 short months, my “cabin in the woods”project-the smaller art studio-has seen a some changes. Once I committed to the idea and stopped waffling, things began to happen!

First, because the only convenient place originally to set the 12 x 20 shed down was at the edge of our dirt/gravel driveway, I knew I had to make another entrance opening.
I also needed more light-a door at the north end or bigger windows!

Bringing in a re-modeler friend who happened to have a spare 6 ft. sliding door, he and his crew made short work of the 10 x 16′ deck and door installation!

I hired the neighbor’s son to dig the “trench” to lay electrical wire. Our big studio is on a separate meter so it seemed logical to pull power from that. Brent had a lot of help from one of our chickens the afternoon he dug it!
Our remodeler came out the next day and he and hubby hooked up the power to the small studio and I was in business so to speak! Even the simple ability to turn on lights was inspiring 🙂

Renovations in progress 20141214_094516 20141226_150020Here you see inside work

I’ll add a small stoop to the door side-I might just close it off but in the summer I know an amazing cross breeze can come through there so…still thinking!


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