Blue Silk Ruana, Wrap, Cape,Shawl, Ecoprinted with Leaves by Artist, Handcrafted, Slow Fashion, Natural Colors,Fits All Sizes, FREE Ship USA

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This lovely silk ruana, (cape, wrap or shawl) is ecoprinted with leaves from my farm. The gorgeous blue is indigo which, when in contact with leaves with yellow tints, produces the stunning kaleidoscope of colors you see.
Handcrafted in my studio from my own design, this beautiful shawl simply wraps around the shoulders and can be worn in a variety of flattering ways. It drapes beautifully and can be looped in the front or used with a scarf slide. Flip up one side over the shoulder or both. This is a lovely statement piece for all sizes! 45" wide and 62" long. Manakin is 5' 10" Pure silk!

Ecoprinting is a process of collecting and printing Nature's leaves, plants, fruit and flowers on protein fibers such as the silk I use for my work. The results are incredibly beautiful, unpredictable and that is what makes it such an exciting and unique art form! It is a totally renewable, sustainable and organic art form! Created entirely by me in my NC studio.

Hand wash in cold water, drip dry or quick tumble dry in moderate heat in dryer.

Totally sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly fashion art.
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