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Visit me at The Village of Yesteryear!

For over half of the 150 years that the North Carolina State Fair has been  in existence, the “Village of Yesteryear” has been one of the most popular exhibits to visit during the 11 day stretch! In short, “The Mission:  “To encourage the development and perpetuation of heritage crafts by the display of our products and the demonstration of the skills required for their production. To share what we have learned and developed with all who may be interested.”


Booth at the Village

There are over 100 craftsmen and women displaying their goods and methods for creating what they sell and I will be there with plenty of silk and silk methods! Ecoprinted, hand painted and handmade!  I will have a display board of the various silks available as well as my usual silk cocoons. I thought about live silkworms but that seemed problematic!

Setting up the booths!

And here is artist hubby Stephen Filarsky with part of the set up going up from last year. The 11 days are long and tiring so being next to each other (He is the Sign Painter!) is great!

A State Fair is a Time honored tradition.  To say there is something for everyone is an understatement. From  4-H displays and competitions to the midway rides to farm animals, carnival games,  fair food,  you name it; there is something for everyone to enjoy at their own level. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells but be sure and come by the Village!

The Village of Yesteryear is a “working artists” village that features traditional heritage hand crafts. Demonstrations are performed using skills that, for many, have been passed down for generations. Our goal is to encourage the development and perpetuation of these skills.

The craftspeople do their best to create an exciting learning experience for the visiting public. They wear period costumes and continuously talk about and demonstrate their craft.

See you at the Fair! Oct 12-22, 2017!

Custom silk art experiences!

So I have just finished the 10 day Village of Yesteryear show which is an annual event at the NC State Fair in October in Raleigh, NC. Great time in spite of the long hours (10am-10pm daily) Next to me, hubby Stephen Filarsky was hand painting his custom signs-that was pretty impressive to the under 30 crowd!

Silk Scarf with Owls
Butterfly silk scarf
Dragonfly silk scarf
Gold and Red silk scarf done in the burn out technique. 8″ x 54″
Abstract Horse trimmed in gold
Cute little Papillons
Jack Russell Terriers silk scarf
Another owl scarf being completed at the show

I demonstrated techniques using resist and silk painting.  My box of silk work cocoons however was a real conversation piece 🙂 Scroll down to see additional work done at the show-some are in my Etsy store 20141029_132735 20141025_193907 20141024_135135-some sold before I was completed with them! So enjoy the photos. I’m off to two more shows before Thanksgiving!

So here I am at the 10 day Village of Yesteryear craftsmen building.
So here I am at the 10 day Village of Yesteryear craftsmen building.

Expanding the Abstract world in painting

October is already here and I am gearing up for some unusual shows!

October 16-26 is the annual NC State Fair where hundreds of thousands of fair goers will have the opportunity to come see me at the Village of Yesteryear and watch me create designs on scarves! I still have to sew my “Colonial Costume” but…I’ll get to it!

The SILK portion of my website has expanded in advance of the show and although I will have everything I have available at the event, if you are unable to come by then of course, see my Etsy store!  I have added new ties, new suncatchers….oh so many things  to photograph to catch up!

Long hours each day 10-10!

20140926_162041 20140926_162133 20140921_114047

Green and Gold silk/satin scarf
Green and Gold silk/satin scarf



Beautiful original silk art
Beautiful original silk art
Beautiful hand painted portraits of all subjects on silk!
Beautiful hand painted portraits of all subjects on silk!