Eco Print on Paper and Book Making

Eco Printing on Paper and Book Making

NEW  2 day workshops coming this JUNE!

Learn how to ecoprint on paper and get incredible designs and colors drawn directly

Ecoprint and Book Making

from Nature. Then take those same papers and turn them into personal journals! A two day class designed to give you enough time to inspire, renew and relax!

Ecoprinting  involves a start to finish process of foraging and collecting Nature’s leaves, plants, fruit or flowers and imprinting them directly onto fabric or paper. The results are  unique, all natural designs with colors drawn directly from what Nature releases to you! Each piece is a unique and magical gift from Nature!

This  is a 2 day workshop! On Day 1 we collect our plants and learn to ecoprint on paper to experience using Nature’s gifts to create your all natural art! Collect the plants you’ll use from my farm, learn how to prepare the paper and at the end of the day you’ll have beautiful leaf designs on paper.
Day 2, our papers have dried sufficiently for us to spend this day creating several unique handmade book journals!  You’ll learn to sew and bind the edges with special tools, add embellishments and nameplates. You’ll also learn tips and techniques to turn your pieces into framed art and cards!

Totally renewable, sustainable art. $275.00 with ALL supplies included. Space
is limited.


TO BE ANNOUNCED, COMING IN JUNE: Eco-printing on Paper and Book making

2 Day Eco Print paper and Book Workshop
Tuition and Supplies