Eco Print on Paper

Eco Printing on Paper

Learn how to ecoprint on paper and get incredible designs and colors drawn directly

Ecoprinted paper examples
handmade books

from Nature. A class designed to inspire, renew and relax in one session!

Ecoprinting or botanical printing involves a start to finish process of foraging and collecting Nature’s leaves, plants, fruit or flowers and imprinting them directly onto fabric or paper. The results are  unique, all natural designs with colors drawn directly from the plant matter. Each piece tells its own story. That is what makes it such
an exciting and beautiful art

You’ll enjoy a relaxing 1 day class experience using Nature’s gifts to create your all natural art! Collect the plants you’ll use from my farm, learn how to prepare the paper and leave at the end of the session with beautiful leaf designs on paper! You’ll learn how to turn your pieces into framed art, book
journals, junk journals and cards!

Totally renewable, sustainable art. $145.00 with all supplies included. Space
is limited.


Saturday July 8: 10:00-3:00: Eco-printing on Paper

July 8 Eco Print Workshop
Tuition and Supplies $145.