Eco Printing on Silk and Wool in NC!


Learn to ECO PRINT ON SILK and WOOL! Sat April 13, 2019 9:00-4:00

Make 2 beautiful scarves in silk AND a 3rd with pure wool!  Collect leaves and learn to naturally imprint them onto silk as well as wool “Ecoprinting” involves foraging and collecting Nature’s leaves, plants and flowers to imprint directly onto specific fabric or paper. You will fall in love with the unique, all natural designs and colors drawn directly from the gifts that Nature released to you! A beautiful art form. This is a “non-intensive” course centered around being one with Nature and a new awareness of her natural bounty! Come to create beautiful designs on silk, eat lunch under the maple trees and enjoy the process! You’ll collect the plants from my mini-farm, learn how to prepare the silk and leave at the end of the session with 3 scarves: 2 beautifully unique silk scarves and 1 thick wool scarf! Totally renewable, sustainable art!  9:00-4:00.

Ecoprint on silk and wool Sat April 13 $175.00